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Here is some stuff I've made.

Guards: A prototype asymmetrical stealth PVP game.

I was working on this project with my artist friend. We were making steady progress and planned on doing a Steam release. Unfortunately, he had to leave the project and progress halted there.

Gamemode prototype for s&box made in Garry's Mod.

One of my ideas for a s&box gamemode is a PVE roguelike. As a proof of concept and prototype I made this in Garry's Mod. I got to the point where I personally found the Lua codebase being too messy and stopped for now.

Some of my contributions to Space Station 14

Space Station 14 is a self-described "remake of the cult classic Space Station 13". I love SS13, its great. The BYOND engine however? Limiting to say the least. The Space Station 14 project includes a custom Server/Client backend and engine/content seperation, all written in C#. Taking many hints from how Valve makes stuff, this project is an absolute joy to work on.

Random Unity projects.

I've tinkered with viewmodel animation too.

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